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Firstly thanks for stumbling upon Iemexploring! If it’s your first time reading then welcome and if you are returning for more then glad to have you back. A snippet about me! 5 years ago I left the UK and set foot on a plane for the first time since then my passion for travel has accelerated in importance in our lives. Throughout our travels, we have discovered how much we enjoy action-packed adventures and exploring new cities. The feeling of escaping from the daily routine is so appealing which I’m sure you will agree on!

The more we travel the more we realise how important planning, packing and timing is when planning a trip. We love to make the most out of our time away no matter how short the trip and want to cram activities and excitement into every minute… even if this leaves us feeling like we need a holiday just to recoup from the holiday haha! Working full time and on a budget, we decided we needed to more creative to ensure we were able to travel to amazing places on the little holiday allowance we get while still being affordable.

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Why I Started This Blog…

As I scrolled mindlessly through Instagram and Pinterest looking for destination ideas and travel itineraries, I stopped and thought. All you see online these days are influencers sharing their luxury holidays and perfect photos. Amazing, but how many people are actually in this situation? So many people at home are probably thinking the same thing. Why isn’t that me? I wish I could afford that. If only I could afford to. This can be so deflating when you only have 25 days holiday a year and are on a tight budget.

This is when Iemexploring was created. I decided that I wanted to share my experiences. Real experiences, not glossy perfect ones but ones that people can relate to. To share my travel stories: The good the bad and mmm I don’t think we will visit here again! If I am already spending all my spare time, looking into every single way humanly possible to save money and plan better, why not share that with you guys! I hope to help you find amazing activities, Travel smart and save some money along the way! I aim to share this with you through guides and also personal stories. To keep in touch don’t forget to follow my other socials and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to see new posts!

ABOUT ME iemexploring

A Little More About Me

My name is Emma. I grew up in the UK and always knew as soon as I was able I wanted to explore the world. Crystal clear seas and sandy beaches…Yes please! Metting my partner fueled my passion as he always pushes me to try new activities and make the most out of our trips. This has lead us down an amazing path and with so many fun and exciting memories so far. Who would have thought my very first holiday abroad I would be scuba diving and riding on the back of a jet ski! One thing about me is I’m always nervous to try new things… but as time goes on I’m throwing myself into new adventures head first!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would love these kinds of activities as much as I do. Working in photography and retouch in my everyday job I decided to use Instagram to share my photos with friends and family. This soon grew and I would be asked questions from people all around the world about our travels. This gave me the confidence to start writing and sharing with you all and here we are today!

I hope we continue to travel and explore the world so we can share our experiences with you and keep that passion for travel alive!

ABOUT ME iemexploring

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