Newport Beach is a coastal city in the southern part of California, most well known for its huge boat-filled harbours and sandy beaches. A popular area with surfers and the wealthy, Newport beach is a very luxurious area with stunning coastlines. Only a half an hour journey away from the famous Disneyland California it is one of the closest beaches to the theme park. We didn’t know too much about the area and ended up here when looking for whale tours as we were driving up from San Diego on our last road trip. I am so glad that we stumbled upon this beautiful city.

An Day In Newport Beach, California- the coast
How picturesque is this shore line!

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It was late afternoon once we had arrived, As we drove towards the city it was like wow! the sea surrounded us as we drove over to the balboa peninsular. It was stunning. People walking around with surfboards underneath the palm trees and open-top jeeps, it was like being in a movie! Once we had parked up we headed straight over to Balboa fun zone. There were arcades and Ferris wheels along the seafront. There was a row of gift shops and chic shops which naturally we wandered through. (If you have read about my trips before you know how much I love a good souvenir hehe) There were some other quaint seaside shops along the waterfront including a physic!

An Day In Newport Beach, California- balboa fun zone
Balboa Fun zone


We ambled along looking at the all the fancy yachts and boats as we headed towards our whale tour! We found the tour on GetYourGuide, but our battery ran flat so we hoped for the best and went to book once we had arrived. I booked our tour with Davey’s Locker. The shop was uber-cute and sold cool souvenirs. Of course I bought a sticker as a memento of our tour! We grabbed some cold drinks out the fridge and waited outside ready for our trip!

Some of the things I collected in Newport Beach

Check out the whale tours we found in Newport Beach here!

Out To Sea

Now as we had been in Las Vegas and San Diego before this and it was the middle of July it was super hot. However, as we were now right on the coast… it was a little bit chilly… and it was even more chilly once we were out to sea. We climbed aboard and took a seat on the upper level. As we headed out form the harbour, we stood up to look out on the other side of the boat, the weather had started to turn and it was super choppy, I almost fell over haha.

Newport beach
Leaving the harbour ready for our whale tour

The clouds were coming over and the sky was turning grey. After searching for a while the captain decided it would be best to start heading back, We headed downstairs and grabbed a cup of tea as it was freezing by this point. We enjoyed the view from here the rest of the way back to shore.

Pizza Plaza

Once we arrived back we were given a ticket to come back for free the next day!! How amazing is this! This was to give us another chance at seeing the whales. We hurried back towards the shops as we were completely frozen by this point. We headed into the arcades along the seafront and dabbled at some of the slot machines. It had been a long day.

Time for food! It was getting late, and just as we turned a corner to head back towards the car we unearthed a little place called AZAR’S PIZZA. It was a tiny corner cafe, showing a sports game on the TVs. We hustled our way through the hurds of people and managed to grab a seat right at the back of the shop. We ordered Mozzarella pizza. Wow. This was so needed! It was the freshest, cheesiest pizza ever. After stuffing our faces, We looked for a local motel as it was around 10 am. So we headed down the road, checked in and headed off to bed for the night.


We decided the next morning, we could head back to Davy’s locker early and try and catch a glimpse of a whale before we headed towards LA. It was much clearer this morning so we were hopeful that we might see something. Once again we headed out with the chill creeping in as we left the harbour in the distance.

Then we saw it, well them!

Look at them! So beautiful

Okay maybe it wasn’t quite a whale but a pod of dolphins! They followed the boat swimming right up to us, literally right beneath our feet, the further back behind the boat we looked the more there were. This was an amazing experience. They jumped out of the water and followed us for miles. It was such a beautiful sight. Once they slowly vanished one by one we started to head back once more towards the harbour as we had been out on the water for over an hour.


Back on dry land. We were disappointed that we had not managed to see any whales, but we enjoyed our trip nevertheless. I’m so glad that we stopped by Newport Beach. It is such a stunning city with so much to offer. Even though we were only here for less than a day we managed to fit so much into our time. If you are in the area or looking for somewhere a little of the beaten track with beautiful shores, I would recommend stopping by! There was so much more to see in the main city and I hope we have the change to go and explore more one day!

What a beautiful city!

Have you ever been to new port beach? Let me know in the comments below. If so, what’s your favourite part of the city? Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope to see you on the next post!

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