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Whats the problem?

If only it was as simple as pick a destination, book the holiday and go. However, we all know it’s not that simple. So much goes into planning a holiday. What sort of country do you plan on visiting? What is there to do there? What’s the best city to stay in? Where in that city should you book a hotel? Before you know it you have a list as long as your arm and it can be stressful.

I used to get so stressed when trying to plan even a short break. Are we going to be able to make the most out of our time? Have we made a list of everything we wanted to do? How can we afford all of that? I would spend hours on the web and Pinterest. Trying to find hacks and tips as well as quirky and unusual things to do. However, there may be things you haven’t even thought of that would be helpful when planning a holiday.

Take Las Vegas for instance. I wish I had known what we know now when we travelled there. We could have saved ourselves a small fortune. I wish I had found a guide with great things to do but also gave me some great tips for getting around Vegas.

How I plan to help!

This is why I have created these guides and tips. To share all of our mistakes and things we have learnt along the way. Also awesome experiences you won’t want to miss when travelling. This will give you some inside scope into how to travel smart and simple ways to save time and money. We have sometimes had to learn the hard way, But that means I can help you so you don’t make the same mistakes. Now you will be super prepared with these easy guides and tips without the hours of internet trawling and hopefully some of those questions you never could find the answer to will be fulfilled!

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