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Who doesn’t love a good holiday? The thrill of packing weeks before, after shopping for new outfits. The hustle and bustle of the airport as you wait to board. The feeling of the heat hitting you as you step off that plane! For me, there is no better feeling. From the second that you press confirm on that trip booking the excitement begins. From here on out every day is a countdown. Feeling exciting and thinking about eating different flavoured twister lollies and Fanta… well maybe that’s just me haha.

The only problem is that the anticipation and build-up seems to last for eternity but then your holiday flies by. Before you know it you are sat sad, suitcases overfilled with goodies waiting to board the plane and head home. Then it’s back to work and back to reality sets in.

So with holidays and trips playing such a big role in all of our lives, I have dedicated this page to keep the memories of these amazing experiences alive. You can jump right into our very own “storybook” like memoirs. You can see for yourselves what we really get up to. The good, the bad and the ugly. As I’m sure you will agree not parts of your tips are glamourous. From long sweaty plane rides, to dirty motels and ” It’s not as glamourous as it looked online..”

The posts on this page will not only give you a great insight into what we like to get up to on our trips, but to inform you on what cities we would recommend, what experiences we loved and what we didn’t. You might even uncover some new activities you now want to try. You may decide that a city has more to offer than you initially thought. This gives you the chance to virtually explore the city. There are even some handy tips. Like how we managed to cram so many things into our time in New York or managed to book last minute excursions. You can then decide if you want to press that confirmation button and book away!

Whether you stumbled across this page as you wanted to learn more about a particular trip, needed to decide if a city is for you or have a good laugh at our expense the posts below will have it all! So sit back and enjoy reading back over our trips with us!

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