Reasons why I never travel without my GoPro: So, I bought my first GoPro back in 2015 and I have never travelled without it since! Yes I have made some upgrades along the way but wow! What a bit of kit! Working in Photography through my full-time job, I hated carrying a DSLR around with me on my holidays.

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I don’t even consider planning a trip without it!

I knew that when we planned our first trip to Disney I wanted to be able to capture our whole holiday. From rides to parades to just generally walking around the park whatever the weather. So after spending months of researching compact cameras and small portable film cameras, I scrapped that idea and looked into GoPros. I was so amazed at the quality and functionality of them. Finally I saved up enough to upgrade from my hero 4 silver to the hero 7 black this year. (see link below page to purchase or check the spec) Here are the reasons why I love it so much and never travel without it. I would recommend any keen adventurer or traveller to invest in one for the following reasons!


As I’m sure you know if you have read our about our trips we love jam-packed adventure holidays. Now carrying a DSLR or even a compact camera isn’t great for this. I used to constantly worry about damaging it throughout the day when we were doing activities. Even walking around cities I would be scared of someone bumping into me. I would treat my camera like a child and would be horrified if anything happened to it.

With the GoPro, I never have to worry about any of these things. It has been thrown in the sea and squished in my backpack and its good as new. Of course like any equipment, you need to look after it but they are built to withstand the extreme. With them being waterproof- now even without a case up to 40meters! amazing. This was so important to me when I was thinking about what camera to buy. I didn’t want to have to fork out for multiple cameras or kit- lenses, waterproof case, expensive mounts etc potentially costing thousands. I wanted to be able to compact everything into a single piece of kit. We have been diving with the GoPro, attached it to the side of quad bikes in the rain and even been drenched on waterslides. The durability of the GoPro has given me freedom to capture our travels without the worry. This is one of the top reasons why I never travel without my GoPro.

withstanding the rough terrain and dirt!


Now when travelling around, I like to carry the bare minimum. The last thing you want is to be hiking up the side of a mountain and have the weight of a hefty camera as well as a massive backpack. I also like to be discreet when it comes to filming out in public. I hate people staring at me when I’m taking photos or filming I find it super off-putting.

The great thing with the GoPro is it’s tiny! People barely even notice I am wandering around with it most of the time, in fact as it’s so tiny and discreet so do I! I love that its super compact and I can fit it into any bag. This makes packing a dream as everything I need fits into a tiny box. I always pack it in my carry on as it barely takes up any space. With it being so discreet it doesn’t matter what type of mount I am using, whether that’s a chest or even a head harness, you don’t feel like you are wearing it. This is great if you want to be able to forget about filming and enjoy your experience while still capturing all those precious moments.

Its nearly as small as my backpack lock!


Even if you don’t want to spend time messing around with complicated setting, the quality of film you will get is incredible. For something so tiny it amazes me. I was so impressed with my fist recordings even way back on the old GoPro. “Wow this is the best thing since sliced bread,” I said. Now there is even hyper smooth and stabilisation built-in. I can run around, put it on a car or even be on a ride with my GoPro and it will be super smooth footage. This was such a bonus. When I upgraded as it meant I no longer had to lug about a gimbal making it more compact than ever. The touch screen and easy layout. This makes it super easy to use even if you are not the most techy person.

There is nothing worse than being at a concert and spending half the time fiddling about with your camera and missing the event! I love how I can swap between modes in a second. This makes filming a joy rather than a hassle when we are away. Filming in 4k with hyper smooth just blew my mind when I upgraded my GoPro. Coming home and watching out footage back felt like we were right back there. I love that you have time warp and time-lapse. This is a fun way to record car journeys or walking around a city! This adds something a little different when it comes to editing my footage together as it mixes up the tempo.

Reasons Why I Never Travel Without My GoPro


The GoPro App makes it super easy to be able to control all your settings right from your phone. This is great if your GoPro is attached to the side of a car say, you can see a live view of whats going on and make changes accordingly. This is brilliant. It gives you so much more flexibility when filming. There are also tons of apps such as GoPro Quick for editing in post-production. Again they are super user friendly and have everything you need to be able to create amazing home videos to youtube worthy content. From simple cutting and piecing together a film to colour grading footage. Whatever your level these apps are brilliant for everyone. The best part is they are free!!! So you don’t need to worry about shedding out a fortune for fancy editing software! (if you have read my blogs before you will know how much I like a freebie!) Other reasons why I never travel without my GoPro as I can edit and instagram on the go!


This is the fun part! There are endless amounts of accessories you can purchase for a GoPro. Now, this can be expensive but there are so many amazing package deals you can buy to save yourself some money -yay! ( I have linked one the same as mine below) When I bought my first GoPro I purchased a 15-in-1 kit from amazon which set me up for our first lot of holidays. This was amazing! I could wear my GoPro on my wrist, my chest or even my head. I love how versatile the GoPro accessories are. This makes it perfect for any situation. Whether we are on a day trip to the zoo or scuba diving, I can switch mounts in a heartbeat.

I can pack my Gopro box up with the according accessories for that holiday and I’m set and ready to go! This was so appealing to me as it gave me the flexibility to find mounts that suited me personally rather than the limited mounts you can buy for a DSLR- I mean you can’t wear that on your head, can you?! If you want to read more about mounts and awesome accessories see my posts here for my top 10 travel GoPro accessories.

Just a small selection of my travel kit!

Check out the latest models of the GoPro in the link below and also there new 360 action cam!


I think I have said a lot about the functionalities and awesome qualities that the GoPro has. I love my GoPro and couldn’t not endorse it more – GoPro should sponsor me for sure haha. Whatever type of traveller you are the GoPro will be an awesome piece of kit you won’t want to travel without again. Even if you just like fun day activities such as theme parks or the zoo its just perfect for capturing these memories. I will always pack my GoPro just in case and can’t wait to see what new features get added as they are constantly improving.

I hope you enjoyed the reasons why I never travel without my GoPro…Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have a GoPro? If so what do you love about it? If not will you now consider buying one for your travels? I hope to see you on the next post!

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