Okay so you may have read my previous post as to why I never travel anywhere without my GoPro– awesome- If not check it out here. But what else do I pack in my case for when we travel I hear you ask. Well, you are about to find out! Below I have listed my top ten favourite travel GoPro accessories and why I can’t live without them! 

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Here is a snippet of my travel kit!


This is my favourite and probably most used mount. The telescopic pole is so versatile. whether I’m walking around a city, taking a selfie or filming a time-lapse, this mount has it all!

Here is my Telescopic mount, Link to similar below.

Being a telescoping mount, they fold down into a small handheld size mount, great for walking around with and comfy to hold, yet if you need that extra bit of hight, BAM there you have it! They also come with a small tripod foot so you can pop it down and film a super smooth time-lapse! They are great for taking selfies too as you can extend and get just the right amount of length for that awesome group shot! I use mine as my standard go-to mount. It is small and comfy enough to walk around with all day. I also make sure to have my wrist strap on so if I need to use both hands quickly I can drop it to my side without having to put it away. All this without having to make any changes. Just because of how much I use and love this mount, it had to be #1 on the top ten travel GoPro accessories list!

This one is the same as mine, It was super cheap and its light weight yet sturdy!


Now my floaty handgrip has been through the mill. From being submerged when scuba diving, to being thrown around at water parks or just as a general hand mount. Its had a great life. The floaty grip is an awesome alternative to the telescopic pole. If you are planning on spending your day with water involved, make the switch! These are comfy to hold yet also keep your GoPro afloat. This means there is less to worry about when in and around water.

well you definitely cant lose it with the colour! I have had this grip for 5 years and its still going strong!

Floaty in action!


Okay now this might not be the best looking mount out of the bunch but its one of the best for hands-free! These are awesome for biking, hiking, skiing or if you just don’t want to have to your GoPro around! Its super lightweight and comfy so you don’t have to worry about it becoming uncomfortable. I mainly use my chest mount for POV style filming walking around cities. They are super fun for capturing all activities and sports so if you are an active traveller then this is the mount for you! They also have a quick release so if you want to change mount quickly there is no faffing about!


This one always makes me laugh. I mean it’s not the most flattering mount to be walking around with but it has so many amazing purposes. These are great for water sports whether that be surfing or going down waterslides! Now the version of this that I have is fab as it has tiny gills on the side to let you exhale through! They come with a floaty to attach to the backdoor for extra support under your chin or if you are to drop it, you can easily find it. These are awesome for filming POV watersports!

This one comes with all the extra bits you might need


A fun alternative to the mount listed above! why not go snorkel in style! With the diving mask, you can snorkel and dive while capturing amazing POV shots of your time in the water! what more is there to say! This is the latest addition to my travel kit. I just could not resist. I have this in pink hehe!

Check out some similar to mine here


Probably one the best-known flexible tripods out there, These are super versatile for any camera! With this mount, you can attach your GoPro to virtually anything! these are great to use as mounts but also as a small tripod! If you are trying to keep your kit minimal then this is a great mount to have! It will be great for attaching to poles, trees and even use it as a hand mount when you are walking around.

There are hundreds of different ways to use the Gorillapod it’s the perfect piece of kit making it one of the top ten GoPro travel accessories!


Again, not the most flattering of mounts but had multiple uses. Being able to wear this on your head and a helmet gives you so many options! to get a “headlamp” perspective while filming! You can even wear them over a hat ( makes it less conspicuous ).

This is awesome again for the adventurous type! snowboarding, hiking even running this is a great way to film an overview perspective of what you have been doing! If you didn’t fancy buying a diving mask you can always use this underwater too! they are super comfy and with GoPros being so light, you will barely remember that you are wearing it!

Check out the one below, it also comes with the quick clip featured at number 10!


Now I’m not much of a biker yet I still never travel without it making its way onto the top ten GoPro travel accessory list! This mount surprised me as I never thought I would need one. Not only are these awesome for bike footage, but also quad bikes, buggies, hey even maybe a jet ski! Super-versatile mount that’s tiny and compact! I love attaching them to quad bikes on all angles to get cool perspectives.. we all know how much I love quad bikesA great way to try some new perspectives or just some awesome POV of your ride! 

My trusty Handle bar mount

The is is same mount that I have!


Going places no GoPro has gone before… okay maybe a slight exaggeration. With the suction cup you can attach your GoPro to a car, boat, motorcycle and much much more. This allows you to get awesome driving shots no matter what your choice of vehicle. GoPro official suction cup claims to withstand speeds of 150+ mph! check out the link below. These are great for road trips! as you can pop the GoPro on the bonnet and off you go! ever travel on a road trip without one! Read more about my road trip packing list here.

Suction cup in action!


If you have been looking at the previous mounts thinking they are a bit in your face then this is a great alternative! Tiny yet effective. You can use this mount to clip on anything: The brim of your hat, a backpack… anything you like! I like to carry one of these as I don’t always know what ill be wearing or doing, and this works with just about anything. This is much more discreet than any of the previous mounts so if you are a bit shy or want to be inconspicuous then this is also tidy and out the way! Your a little less likely to spot this in a holiday photo over the chest harness!


Travel with your four-legged friend? why not see things from there perspective? This is more of a fun mount as the footage given won’t be as clear as any others due to the nature of how they move. There is a top mount and a chest mount so you can switch it up and get a different view. This is a super fun way to make your trip just that little bit more personal. My dog wears hers without a car in the world as they are super padded and stretchy so she can still run around with it on! I just couldn’t resist putting this on the top ten travel GoPro accessories because its so fun!

top ten travel gopro accessories
Just look at how much fun this puppa is having!

So there we have it. I hope you have enjoyed my top ten travel GoPro accessories! What’s your favourite accessory? Let me know in the comments below and I hope to see you on the next post!

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