top things to do in vegas that aren't gambling

Vegas is known for its unique experiences and rich lifestyle. There are so many interesting and unusual things to experience in vegas other than just the gambling and strip club scene. Vegas can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it. There are so many ways to save money in vegas but still getting the most out of your trip. Whether you are visiting for a day or a week, there is plenty of time in the city that never sleeps to cram in lots of fun activities. If you are a foodie or an adrenaline junkie, Traveling with friends or family. There is something for everyone. Check out my list below to see some of the more unusual things to do and prices!

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If you are planning on visiting Vegas for a few days, check out the Explore Vegas pass. A 2-day pass starts from $259 3-days from $359 and 4-days from $499. This will work out a lot cheaper than if you book every trip individually.

Welcome to vegas- David Lusvardi



Hotel, casino and all-round entertainment! The strat has the highest point in the city and also is the second highest tower in the western hemisphere. There are so many attractions to see here. If you are interested in thrill rides or just an amazing view, this is the spot for you! I think this is one of vegas’s most exciting attractions. Things to do include:

  • Big shot: one of the highest thrill rides catapults you from the platform up the tower mast at a height of 1,081 feet!
  • Insanity: This dangles over the edge of the tower! sit 64 feet over the edge of the sky pod!
  • X-Scream: Be propelled head first 27 feet over the edge of the strat, Spin in the air at 3 g-force!
  • Skypod: Grab a bite to eat or drink while you are sat up in the clouds.
  • Skyjump: Step off of an 855 feet platform freefalling bungee style! tickets start at $129.99

Tickets start at $20 for admission only
One thrill ride plus skypod $29.00
Unlimited ride pass plus skypod $43.95

Top things to do in vegas- the strat rides-


Are you interested in crime? or do you have a passion for history? Then this is something you won’t want to miss! The MOB museum offers a vast collection of information and historical artefacts that are all related to organized crime. See Bonnie and Clyde’s death car and the St Valentines day massacre wall. You can also even try your hand at the firearms training simulator. A macabre but unique place to visit!

Ticket prices start from $29.95 Check out the ink below for tickets.


If you are looking for something high adrenaline and completely different check our the fly Linq! This is a zip line that shoots over Vegas ! you can fly sitting down or you can fly superman style! with speeds of up to 35mph and you can fly with up to 10 friends at the same time! this is not to be missed.

Tickets start at $22! Bargain.


Now this has to be one of the most Instagrammed places in vegas. The neon museum in vegas is a popular favourite with bloggers and also brides! Learn about the history of Vegas through neon! With different collections, there are so many interesting signs to see and learn more about Vegas’s history with the lights. Whether you visit in the day time or at night when it is all lit up its an amazing experience that can not be missed! what a fantastic place to learn and get that famous vegas snapshot!

Tickets from $30

Things to do in vegas- neon museum


If like me you love your holiday wood films, Then this is a great day trip for you! This museum is run by one of the worlds largest car collectors so there is bound to be lots to see! From Disney to Batman to James Bond there infinite Hollywood cars to see! You can even see the Flinstones movie car! Which movie is your favourite? I wonder if you would find a car from that film here!

Tickets start from as little as $15


Looking for a more chilled out day? look no further. The preserve has botanical gardens, butterfly habitats, museum and even bike and train trails. There is so much to see and do here. They also hold special events such as cooking classes and gardening workshops. A fun relaxing and informative day out for all of the family! The botanical gardens are also a great instagramable spot.

Ticket prices start from $19

things to do in vegas- cactus


Looking for a cheap alternative way to get around vegas or just enjoy the views.. why not jump on the Vegas monorail! This runs along the strip. This is a great way to save money rather than having to pay for a taxi every time you want to head back to your hotel. You can sit above the city and relax as you pass by all the iconic sites.

Ticket prices are $13 1-day-pass $23 2-day-pass



I mean why not? Venture into Italy in St marks square at the Venetian. Why not take a gondola ride beneath the bridges and alongside the cafes that surround this beautiful square. Weather not great? Try a gondola ride inside! immerse yourself in this dreamy hotels unique experience. Once you have finished on the gondolas why not take up a bit of shopping and stop in one of the authentic cafes and enjoy the view! You can also catch the Gondolier march where all of the gondoliers sing in unison as they march there way along the indoor canal. This happens twice a day at 9.50 am and 4.30 pm.

Ride prices start from $29

Things to do in vegas- gondola ride


If you are more into the outdoors why not check out Redrock canyon? This beautiful national parks sandstone peaks can be seen from the vegas strip. and with over 2 million people visiting each year… you don’t want to be the ones who went to Vegas and forgot to visit! With scenic loops and mount Wilson, there is plenty to explore! If you have rented a car this is the perfect getaway that’s only around the corner. You can lose yourself completely in the wilderness but only be a stones throw away. See my last Vegas post to find out why you want to rent a car in vegas.

This can be a free trip but if you take your car its only $15 ( or free with national park pass ) for a day pass.



Now if you want to splash out and do something unforgettable.. try a flight over the Grand Canyon! This was one of my all-time favourite experiences. you can either fly via a small plane or helicopter. You can even go right into the canyon and book a boat tour! This is an amazing experience and the views are breathtaking! You will be able to hop on and off a bus to take you to different points at the canyon once you have arrived. Don’t forget to purchase the skywalk! that’s amazing. Check out some of the cool tours below.


If you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars to fly over you can always opt to drive the canyon! there are plenty of 4×4 trips or you can even do it in your rental. The only thing with driving is that the Canyon itself is about a 4 and half hour drive from the strip. If you opt for a flight you will take a shuttle over to a small airport which is a half-hour journey then fly the rest of the way.

Prices start from around $250 all in for the flights and transportation at the canyon.

There are plenty of other cool tours that leave vegas that include or are a mixture of activities I have listed above. Check them out




Probably one of the better known free things to do in vegas. Caesars Palace is a very famous hotel so lots of people pass through. The Fall of Atlantis show consists of animatronic figures, fire and music depicting the story of the fall of Atlantis city.

Shows run every hour from 11 am to 11 pm Thursday Friday and Saturday.


Definitely some of my favourite free things to do in Vegas. The water fountain show is one of Vegas’s biggest attractions. Once you have enjoyed the amazing show, make your way inside. The Bellagio itself is stunning to walk around, especially if you have deep pockets and want to do some luxury shopping! There is a conservatory that’s home to one of the most interesting and stunning botanical gardens. They change the themes frequently throughout the year so there is always a different captivating displays to be seen! A lovely place to walk around and relax.

The water show out the front of the hotel runs every half an hour from 3 pm to 8 pm, then every 15 minutes till noon Monday to Friday.


This is not to be missed! Fire and explosions! all the excitement is going on here! If you take a walk down to the mirage hotel you can catch the volcano outside the main entrance. visit at night and enjoy the experience! You can see the volcano erupt while enjoying the music! Vegas can get chilly at night.. But you’ll soon warm up here!

Shows are every hour from 8 pm till 10 pm.


Freemont street is a 5 block district solely for entertainment. There are many different things to see and experience on Freemont street. Probably the most interesting being the viva vision experience. This is the worlds largest video screen. This illuminates the roof of the street in a magnificent light show that runs for around 6 minutes. This runs nightly from 6 om to 1 am. 

There are also several live concerts and three stages that run on Freemont street so be sure to check out the calendar as again this is free to see! 

There is also a zipline that runs through Freemont street called slotzilla. This is a 12 story high zipline offering two different ways to fly. Sitting down which is a lower zip or superman style which is a higher zip.

Zipline is $29

Zoomline is $49

There are so many iconic hotels, restaurants signs to see on Freemont street. So remember to plan in your time here as there are too many awesome things to miss! Remember this can be a completely free experience. There are so many things to see here you can walk for hours and not spend a penny! 


This iconic casino is based off of Freemont street… so don’t forget to look out for it on your visit! Now, why am I telling you this? Because you can take a free photo with a million dollars here! There is exactly 1 million dollars in this casino built into a pyramid from $1 bills to $100 bills! Take a free photo and bring home a glossy souvenir photo! what an awesome keepsake.

This is open from 9 am – 11.30 pm daily. Please bear in mind you must be 21 years or older to take a photo.


Now I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t love a game of pinball! probably one of the most iconic arcade games ever! This is the worlds largest display of pinball machines and has machines dating back to the 1950s. Step back in time and have some harmless fun on these extraordinary machines. Make it fun and find a machine that is from the year you were born! with a pocket full of change you can have hours of fun here!

Entry is free and they are open all week long from 11 am till 11 pm.


If you don’t fancy spending money on a gondola ride, why not hit the shops. There is something for everyone here from health and beauty to homeware. Take a break out of the hustling day and have a nice relaxing walk around the mall. Take a stop by some of the designer clothing shops before stopping for a bite to eat and a show!… sounds like a plan to me!


This show at the Wynn hotel is a bit of an unusual one. This show contains imagery, puppetry and music. The show can only be seen from inside the walls at the Wynn hotel. This show is perfect to watch while sitting enjoying a cocktail at the bar. How about making a night of it? enjoy a steak at the SW steakhouse while you enjoy the show.

Shows run nightly every hour from 6 pm till 11.30 pm

Well that’s it for my top things to do in Vegas- that aren’t gambling! I hope that there have been some activities that you have not heard of or just a reminder of how much Vegas has to offer! If there are any other awesome activities that you think I have missed, let me know in the comments below!

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