Top Tips For First Time Travelling To Las Vegas
Things not to miss and how to save money along the way!

Slot machines, Elvis and drive though weddings, whats not to love! Vegas is jam-packed of fun and unique things to do. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a foodie, Vegas has it all. There is a lot of planningthat needs to go into your trip if you want to ensure you have the chance to do everything! People think Vegas is expensive, Which it easily can be. We certainly thought so as we didn’t know these top tips when we travelled to Vegas. If you are smart, there are so many places you can save or even get things to free! There are so many tips we learnt along the way when we travel to Vegas last and saw tips once we got home that made us kick ourselves for shedding out so much cash on things we didn’t need to! So with this Top Tips For First Time Travelling To Las Vegas, you will have no travel regrets! 

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Gambling is only part of the fun

There is so much more to Vegas than just gambling. When we visited, of course, we had a turn or two on the bandits, even won $30! But that was not our main focus for the trip. There are some of the most amazing shows, clubs and amazing pool parties in the world. Check out the hotel that has a rollercoaster or ride on a gondola! Remember to try something different while you are in the city. Remember to gamble with care. It’s so easy to be swept up in the moment here as the atmosphere is buzzing. 

Get drinks on the house

Drinks in vegas can be costly. When we stayed at the MGM we paid at least $5 per cola. If you are in a casino, you can wait for a waitress or waiter if you are sitting at a machine and take your order. They will provide drinks for free as an incentive for you to keep gambling. Remember to tip! I wish we had known this tip before we stayed in Vegas as all of those $5 a time added up over a couple of days.

Travel to Vegas midweek

 Monday to Thursday are the cheapest days of the week in Vegas as most people want to head out for the big parties on weekends. Hotels and Shows are generally cheaper on these days. Generally speaking everywhere is less crowded so you will have a better opportunity to experience the city. You will probably even be able to get a front-row spot to the fountain show at the Bellagio.

Top Tips For First Time Travelling To Las Vegas- The Bellagio
The Bellagio

Don’t forget to check out Vegas Shows!

Lots of people overlook these when they travel to vegas.No matter what you are into there will be a show for you, from Cirque Du Soleil to lady gaga there is something for everyone. Some of the best shows in the world are based in vegas. Lots of big stars have residencies so don’t forget to check out who’s on when you go you might be pleasantly surprised. This is a great way to get out of the sun for a few hours, Rest your feet and enjoy something different away from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas streets.

Plan your food budget

There are lots of amazing and quirky restaurants in vegas. However, food can become expensive very quickly, especially with all the quirky restraints that you will want to try out. Make sure to plan your food budget so you can enjoy the fancy and quirky restaurants but also eat cheap on other days to save money. There are lots of buffets in vegas so don’t forget to check them out too!

Tick a box off on your bucket list

There are so many different experiences that you can do in vegas. Whether it’s flying on the zip line above the streets or going to a gun range there is something for everyone. Great for checking off those bucket lists. Make sure the check out the Vegas pass as this will give you the opportunity to get the most out of Vegas for the best price on experiences.

Check out some of these activities in the link below!

Things are not as close as they appear..

When looking at a map of vegas..everything looks very close together, however, the city is deceivingly big. We realised this after ending up with very achy feet and being super worn out on day 1! Make sure to pack comfy shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking. Consider using an app life lyft if you have bookings and need to get around quickly as taxis can be very unreliable. Always ensure to factor in cab wait times when booking any activities.

Check in early

There is nothing worse than queues. When we stayed in the MGM the check-in queue was nearly an hour. Make sure you check out whether you can do early check-in as this will save you so much time, especially if you are only in Vegas for a few days. Some hotels offer a service where you can check-in via their app once you have arrived so keep a lookout for this! 

Don’t pay full price for show tickets

Show tickets can be very expensive and there is no need to pay full price when you can always find a discount. Check out a site like to check for deals and sales in tickets! If you look for tickets in advance or last-minute this is when you tend to get the best deals. Always check on Groupon too, they seem to throw up some good deals too!

Top Tips For First Time Travelling To Las Vegas- Vegas strip by night
Vegas by night

Don’t forget to hydrate 

Now, this may seem obvious but Vegas is so humid you can get dehydrated very quickly, especially if you are not used to the heat. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water on you at all times especially as you will be doing a lot of walking! Buy bottled water in bulk or even better bring your own bottle. This will save you lots of money in the long run and much more environmentally friendly.

Car Rental

Underrated top tips for first time travelling to Las Vegas. As I said earlier vegas is much bigger than you expect it to be. If you are planning on doing excursions like the grand canyon or red rock canyon this is a must. You will be able to visit them on your time scale so you won’t be rushed or waiting around for a shuttle for hours. Lots of hotels offer free parking so this is a win-win!

characters and showgirls 

As you are walking around the strip you will be approached by numerous people in costumes and showgirl outfits. To be honest some of the cartoon characters outfits are quite scary! I have never seen such a funny looking Sonic the hedgehog. As a general rule avoid them. They will offer to have a photo taken with you..great..but they will want money from you so be prepared!

Hopefully, some of these top tips for first time travelling to Las Vegas will help you to save money when travelling to Las Vegas and make the most out of your time here! If you can think of any tips I have missed please let me know in the comments below!

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