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Planning a trip to Disney and think you have it all? It’s hard to remember everything that you need when you are packing for a holiday. I always end up packing, unpacking and re-packing to make sure I have everything. When you are visiting Disney there are many things you don’t always remember to pack or even know to pack. Therefore You end up shelling out a small fortune buying in the parks in times of need or wishing you had thought of it before! I have listed below some of my ultimate Disney packing list with fun and essential item that I can live without when planning a trip to Disney! I hope this guide makes it easier for you and ensure you have the best time when in the parks!

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Now I know a lot of these may sound obvious…but the most obvious thing we tend to forget. Here are the top essential items you cant forget when packing your ultimate Disney packing list.


Apparently, the average daily miles you will walk in the park can range from 10-14 miles! Now that’s a lot of walking. We all know what a lot of walking leads to… Sore feet and grumpy kids. We can be in the parks anywhere from 8 am-12 pm. That’s a long time to be struggling in uncomfortable shoes. This is why I’m putting comfy shoes at the top of my ultimate Disney packing list. You don’t want to start your holiday with blisters and sitting down every half hour in pain. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes that are bedded in before you leave.

Animal kingdom means lots of walking!


Now waterparks are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Disney parks. I know not all Disney parks have water parks but they do have pools at the hotels. The water parks and pool are a great way to break up the week or just to go and cool off! The last thing you want to do is turn up without a swimsuit and miss out on the fun! The water parks at Disney world for sure are amazing parks that you would not want to miss out on. Take a look at the cute Disney inspired ones below!


You will be spending very long days and super long nights in the parks. If you are like me and carry a phone, GoPro, Camera..ect you will need at least one power bank. We park hop and don’t tend to head back to our hotel until we have to. So with being all over the place, it’s hard to find the time to stop and charge. With keeping a power bank or two in my backpack, we can charge on the go. I’ll never miss a photo opportunity again due to a dead battery! I never travel without one! Here is the link to the ones I have below!


As I lightly touched on that last point, I always pack my GoPro for Disney. This was a game changer the first time we took it! With it being small, compact and waterproof… you can’t go wrong! I never have to worry about having to carry something bulky around. You can also attach them to anything! They are awesome for rides, Waterparks and filming parades. The quality is outstanding and is much easier to carry than a DSLR. I never go on holiday without it. Here is the link to the same one I use!


Disney has lots of water rides as well as there water parks. The last thing you want is to be enjoying the most magical place on earth and get water in your phone. I always keep one of these in my suitcase. You can still use your phone while in the case. They even have lanyards so makes carrying easy. Make your phone benefit not a drag while away and worry no longer.


Similar to the point above, always pack a waterproof bag. Even in the height of summer, we have been caught out in the rain in Disney. You do not want everything you have on you getting wet. This would mean rushing back to the hotel. Trying to dry the content of the bag and probably missing out on a lot of fun and time! I always use a waterproof drawstring bag as my main back while at Disney. This takes a lot of stress off trying to find shelter. As I know that if it gets a bit wet, everything will be safe and dry!


For the same reasons as above, you don’t want to have to worry about getting rained on in the parks! If you’re like me, you want photos with every character and everything possible in the park..hehe. You don’t want to be wet and grumpy in all your photos. I always make sure we have a big poncho each packed. With this, we can grab them out as soon as it rains. They even have enough space to go over our backpack and cover most of our legs. Winner!


Okay on the opposite end of the spectrum here. Whichever park you are at it can get hot. Like seriously hot. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable heat. We ended up buying one of these at Disney in desperate need of release. It cost us around $20, which is eating into a big chunk of spending money. Pack one before you go and save yourself the cash and uncomfortableness!

ultimate disney packing list
Elsa keeping it cool with her hand held fan 😉 photo credit from memory maker.


Again I wish we had known about these sooner. Everywhere you go in the parks, you see people with cooling towels. They are great for the kids too to protect their necks and save them from overheating. This is a must to stay cool and comfy.


Sounds like a bit of an odd one for the ultimate Disney packing list. Lots of people forget that you can take snacks into the parks. This is a great thing to keep in your bag in case you don’t finish that giant Mickey cookie or want to take some crisps out to the parks with you. Check out these reusable ziplock bags!


Now I know I have been banging on about how hot it tends to be at Disney. Even at night in Florida, it can get a little chilly. Always pack a comfy jumper for those long evening spent watching the fireworks. You don’t want to spend half an hour waiting for a bus and be cold! Check out some of these Disney themed ones!


This is something I would ALWAYS forget to pack when we first started going away. I would always end up with some sort of cut or pain and regret not packing them. If like me you are sensitive to different pain relief, you don’t want to waste time reading labels. Always pack some pain relief and stomach tablet. You never know what might happen. Same with plasters especially since you are bound to get a blister at some point. If you have kids, I’m sure you will use a plaster or two! Why not purchase a mini first aid kit so you are prepared for anything! then you can keep this in the room and just pack the essentials in your bag.


Now the fun part of the ultimate Disney packing list! for me Disney just wouldn’t be the same without these… Here are some of my top fun suggestions to help you have the most magical experience.


Whether you are a child, teen or adult this is for you. The first time we went to Disneyworld I was so shocked by the number of people in Disney themed clothing. Whether it be a minimalist look or full-blown Disney geek. I would bet on 85% of people are in Disney attire. For me, this adds to the magic. I make sure I have a Disney dress or t.shirt for every day! Plus they look awesome in your photos. These are also great to have for ticketed events such as Mickey’s not so scary halloween festival. This is not only a great festival but everyone dresses up! Check out the ones below, these are similar to the ones I take to Disney!


Now I religiously collect a pair of ears every time I visit the park. I will wear this pair of ears the whole holiday then take them home and display them. you can also get hats with ears which i see alot of the men and boys wear. They are not the cheapest thing in the world as they are around $29.99. You can get great alternatives from around £5 from online markets like etsy, if you prefer. These are a great way to feel the magic. Its great to buy a pair before you go as you can wear them on the plane ( yes i have seen so many adults do this ) or before you arrive to get into the spirt of things.


If you love collecting things this is a great one. You can bring you autograph book year after year and keep adding to your collection. When you meet a character you give them your book to sign. This can also make interactions less akward for those characters who dont speak. I love mine and its a great way to hold my favourite memories. Bring your with you before you go so you can get collecting from day one.

ultimate guide to packing for Disney
princess aurora signing my autograph book. photo credit from memory maker.


If you are a keen pin collector or just looking for something cool to start while you are away. This is for you. I touched on this in my last disney post: Ultimate guide to Disney World Resorts Orlando, So check that out after! Bring pins with you ready for trading, or if you havent traded before and want to look into it more, by some cheap pins online or even a series pack that you can trade with to get the rest of while in disney. We have had hours of fun and thousands of pins from trading!


Last but not least! This is something I only started to do the last few times we visited, I wish we had started sooner. If you have some pennies left over from previous trips or just in your wallet, remember to pack them. There are over 80 penny press machines at disney world and numerous at other parks around the world. They are super fun to collect, small to carry and great mementos. You can also buy a pressed penny books before you go away. So when you do start collecting them you wont loose them!

I hope you have enjoyed my fun and essential Disney packing list! I would love to hear if there are any other things you can think to pack. Whether that be either fun or essential items, Let me know in the comments below!

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