Having the right travel accessories can make or break a holiday. There is nothing worse than boarding the plane and thinking “ I wish I had packed one of those” It can be hard to know what accessories you will need to pack sometimes. So below I have created my Ultimate Travel Accessory Guide. This list has everything you need for every type of holiday. Hopefully, this will ensure you have the smoothest travel experience possible!

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Waterproof Anti-theft Travel Backpack

This is the first thing you are going to need to make your travels safe and easy. Pickpocketing is very common in a lot of countries so you want to be able to lock your bag. Plus these backpacks are made for travellers. They always have lots of pockets and compartments for things like your laptop and chargers so makes organisation easy. I love how I can keep my portable chargers in the pocket and charge my phone from the side outlet! I love this bag as it feels like it has space forever, without being so big its hard to carry around.

Anti-theft Crossbody Bag

If backpacks are not your style or you just need more pockets when travelling, Anti-theft cross body bags are fantastic. With lockable zips and hidden pouches, they’re great for keeping valuables safe and comfy to wear. These also come with slash resistant straps and built in RFID blocking pockets to keep your cards safe.

Travel Cubes

I love my travel cubes! They are super handy and easy to organise all of your belongings. You can use these almost like drawers for when you are away. Being easy to pack more and separate your items making them easy to find in your case. They also have handles so you can hang them up for easy access. These are my favourite items on the ultimate travel accessory guide!

Hanging Toiletry Bag

These are super handy to keep everything in one place. If you are on a road trip and in a different hotel every day, you can just hang it up, use what you need and fold it away without having unpack and repack every day, This is probably one of my favourite travel accessories. I find mine so helpful for weekend trips too!

Clear Toiletry Bag

Some airports require you to have all your liquids in one clear case. So these are great to avoid having to fish them all out and bag them up at the airport. Plus everything will be nice and organised and avoiding spillages in your bag. Personally, I only carry small amounts of toiletries in my carry on so I have a small version of the clear case. It’s such a time saver. Check out these awesome sets you can get!

TSA Approved Locks

Luggage locks are great for keeping all your valuables safe. These are great to use on your suitcases and also your backpack or handbags when you are travelling around to avoid pickpockets. I love my luggage locks, I use them on my suitcase when we fly and then on my backpack when we are walking around.

Travel Adapter

Probably the most important accessory. Most countries will require a different type of outlet to the one you use at home. A multi-block adapter is a great way to ensure you have the right outlet no matter where you travel. These are also great if you are travelling across multiple countries at the same time. They save space and weight by not having to carry various types of adapters. The number of times I have been rummaging around our draws trying to find the right adapter the day before we head out. These save all that stress!

Charging Phone Case

Perfect if you are using your phone for google maps or taking photos. The last thing you want is to run out of battery miles away from the hotel. Just press it on and carry on with your adventures. These are also great for on the plane when you don’t have access to plugs. You can pick these up on Amazon – deepening on what model of phone you have!

Power Banks

I love my power banks! In fact, I never go anywhere without them. Holidays, festivals or just out and about. Another great way to stay connected. if like me you carry multiple tech gear around you that uses a lot of battery power these are great. most come with multiple USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Passport Organiser

If like me you like to have your itinerary and travel documents printed out, and hate those tiny passport covers this is the solution for you. With a passport organiser, you can keep everything safe and in one place. From your documents to cards to passport, everything will be in one place. These will also protect your passports and paper from getting ripped and dirty in your bag. The other great thing about these organisers, they hold up to four passports so perfect for keeping the family in check! They are even have RFID blocking to protect your cards.


One for the hand luggage. This may sound like a strange one but I never travel without a journal now. I use this to help me recall everything we have done and on what days for when I get home and create my blogs. Keeping a journal handy is also a great way to note down any cool places you might want to visit as you are walking around, as well as keeping all your itineraries in. You can also use this as a memory keepsake, there are so many travel journals, that you can fill with stickers and planners and postcards. Almost like a travel scrapbook.

Foldable Rain Mac

The most practical item on this ultimate travel accessory guide. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain. Then having to head back to the hotel to change or dry off. By keeping a small foldable rain mac in your bag, you can grab it out quickly and carry on enjoying your adventure. These are super lightweight and fold up to pretty much nothing. You can keep them on you at all times without taking up too much space. With these 3-in-1 ponchos, you can use them as a rain mac, tent and ground sheet. Awesome for camping too!

TSA Approved Travel Bottles

You rarely need to take full-sized bottled when you are travelling. These small silicone bottles are the perfect solution for packing all of your bathroom necessities. They are super slim and leak-proof due to there multi-layer design. No more opening your suitcase to have your shampoo all over your shoes!

Flexible Tripod

I never travel without mine! These are great as you can get different attachments for phones cameras and GoPros. You can use them anywhere as you can attach them to pretty much any surface. Now you can get that perfect beach shot or selfie. These save so much space in your bag if you are into filming and photography as they do the job of multiple pieces of equipment.

Waterproof Phone Case

Nothing could be worse than being at the beach and your phone getting wet. Now you’ve lost all contact and lovely photos! with a waterproof case, you will be safe by the pool or on the beach or even on water rides. Some claim you can even swim with them! These are also great for keeping your phones safe on activities where you may get muddy.

Anti-theft Luggage Strap

Ok, so I am such a worrier when it comes to my luggage. I start as soon as I’ve dropped it off and done stop till I’ve picked it up, so these are fantastic! They serve two purposes. Firstly you will be able to identify your luggage super quickly when you are at the airport saving you lots of time trying to work out if that black suitcase is your black suitcase and secondly these luggage straps have locks on them so you can be sure that no-one will be rooting through your suitcase when you are not watching.

Reusable Water Bottle

An essential for any traveller. I always have my reusable bottle with me, whether I’m on my way to work or travelling abroad. It fits in the pocket of my backpack (listed above) and I’m ready for the day! These are eco friendly and keep your drinks hot /cold for up to 24 hours! Lots of airports now have places to fill your bottles up. You will be saving money at the same time as the environment. I also wrote about these in my ultimate road trip guide.

Microfibre Towel

I hate being cold. With these small towels you can stash them in your hand luggage and use them on the plane. They are also great for the beach and if you are staying in a hostel. They also dry super quick so great to keep by the poolside. These are pretty new to me as I hadn’t really seen them around before. I must say, what an item I have been missing out on!

Electronics Organizer

There is nothing worse than your phone flashing at 1% battery and having to rummage through your backpack to find a charger. With these organisers, you can keep everything at hands reach and also keep your bag tidy saving you essential room.

Pocket Hand Sanitiser

Eating a yummy snack while walking around a beautiful city is great. You realise you have sugar or chocolate on your hands and no bathrooms to clean them. You are on a plane and there is no hand towels left in the bathroom. All of these are my worst nightmare. This is why I never travel without a pocket sanitiser.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

You don’t want to be stuck on a plane without these! Not being able to hear to that film you have been so patiently waiting to watch! These are a must for in the airport and on the plane!

Kindle or Ebook Reader

If you are a keen reader then this is definitely for you. One device with access to thousands of books and half the weight of a conventional book. What’s not to love! they take up such little space in your bag making them the perfect boredom breaker. Download your books before you head off and you are set for the plane and on the beach!

Luggage Scales

Last but not least on the ultimate travel accessory guide! Tiny but so important! I love buying souvenirs. There is nothing worse than going away buying lots of collectables then getting to the airport and realising you are over your luggage allowance. With these small scales, you can keep on track on your suitcase weight to avoid any disappointment.

I hope you have enjoyed my Ultimate Travel Accessory Guide! and that you have found something new to help you with your travels! If there is anything you can think of that I have missed off my list, please let me know in the comments below!

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